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dishevelled.org interpolate provides interpolation and easing functions. The interpolate library requires java version 1.5 or later.

Easing functions

Function class Ease in, ease out, ease in-out
Linear linear easing graph
Quadratic ease-in quadratic graph ease-out quadratic graph ease-in-out quadratic graph
Cubic ease-in cubic graph ease-out cubic graph ease-in-out cubic graph
Quartic ease-in quartic graph ease-out quartic graph ease-in-out quartic graph
Quintic ease-in quintic graph ease-out quintic graph ease-in-out quintic graph
Sine ease-in sine graph ease-out sine graph ease-in-out sine graph
Exponential (base 10) ease-in exponential graph ease-out exponential graph ease-in-out exponential graph
Circular ease-in circular graph ease-out circular graph ease-in-out circular graph
Elastic ease-in elastic graph ease-out elastic graph ease-in-out elastic graph
Back ease-in back graph ease-out back graph ease-in-out back graph
Bounce ease-in bounce graph ease-out bounce graph ease-in-out bounce graph
Random floor random-floor graph
Random threshold random-threshold graph


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